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"Fuck, I've written to you again. He has left me in sight again" Does it sound like you? Then you still love Pantocrator. The Barcelona group, led by Marta Delmont, by Marina Correa, and by their lousy emotional management, which published in 2019 "Villacapullos", with Xiri Romaní on drums and Rober Busquets on guitar. A powerpop and garage disk, with touches of "garrulous" realism. Like you do not know that you belong to the basic ministry, but yes. Twenty crises like you have passed, they know all your shame, all those truths that you will never recognize, your existential crises and all your messes. They know all the cocoons with which you have tied and with those that you tie and with which you will find in any bar. Know, in short, the story of your life and tell it to you with acid humor and millenial irony

In 2020, they presented second installment of angry pop, "La Masacre de Putis", 4 songs of doubtful historical rigor recorded and produced, again, but Xiri and Marta in La Palmera (El Carmel, Barcelona) and mixed by Bernie Sánchez and Iban Rodríguez to the Lluerna studio.

Tour dates

02-10-2021 Santiago de Compostela - Psicotroita
19-11-2021 Sevilla - Monkey Week +info


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