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If a photo of today's urban music scene were to be taken, $kyhook would be discreetly peeking out the back. And the thing is, the Zaragoza's beatmaker is the producer of some of the most successful songs on the national scene. 

He consolidated his career in 2019 with the release of ‘Moonchies’, his first album as a producer. A space mission in which $kyhook is the commander and through which he leads Maria José Llergo, Soto Asa, Aleesha and other friends on a journey beyond the atmosphere to make a base on the moon and contemplate the imminent destruction of the planet . A work that managed to place itself in position 71 of the 100 albums most listened to in streaming in Spain and that reached the Gold and Platinum records with the track ‘A Escondidas’ feat. Morad. In addition, that same year, he had the pleasure of starting the Sónar by Night session on the SonarPub by Thunder Bitch stage. 

Without a doubt $kyhook is one of the producers with the most future within the national underground.


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