• Booking & Management

      Booking & Management

      We represent artists with potential and offer them constant advice on both marketing and promotion and on programming performances and musical productions. Do you want us to be your loudspeaker? If you think you fit our profile send us your project.

    • Event Production

      Event Production

      We have the team, the experience and the resources. Let's talk? Conceptualization · Contracting of artists and services · Website creation for events and artists · Space management · Technical production · Video, design, editing and post-production · Communication and promotion · Ticket sales · Access control · Security

    • Ticketing and access control

      Ticketing and access control

      We have firsthand knowledge of the ticketing industry and online promotion. Want a customized solution for your event? Let's find it!

    • Production, mixing and mastering

      Production, mixing and mastering

      We work for TV, Movies or own productions. We take care of everything, explain us your ideas. Mixing, mastering, voices ...