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VVV [Trippin’you]

VVV [Trippin’you] are a neo-bakala trio from Madrid, formed by Elinor Almenara, Adrián Bremmer and San Fierro. A band that was born to worship cold, noise, modernity and parking. An end, which finds the balance between generational darkness and the desire to dance on the dance floor. 

They are three colleagues making music of their now and for their now. With frenetic lyrics, full of the most alternative generational spirit, which gives us a vision of the restlessness of today's youth, psychedelic electro-punk sounds and voices full of echoes of neglect that make you travel through time. 

In 2018 they released “Lennui”, their first EP, which launched them to tour Spain until 2019, the year in which they continued to play in different venues and festivals throughout the country, and they also presented two singles and a documentary about the group. . Their second EP, “Escama” was presented in February 2020.



Tour dates

22-01-2021 Barcelona - Sala Wolf +info

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