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SALFUMÁN is a project born with the vision of creating a mesmerising and sexy environment that makes you dance at home and at festivals. Her suggestive voice that tends to whisper and her versatile  guitar riffs give an organic balance to the electronic sounds. Ambiguous lyrics that open the door to an intimacy full of contradictions, love and heartbreaks.

The nostalgic melodies that configure her oneiric and sometimes dark discourse are founded on a sound that swings between synth and ambient pop, with strong influences from disco, r&b and the 80s. All seasoned with a subtle electronic outline that doesn't fit into a specific beat.

Salfumán promises to give back sensuality, textures and authenticity to electronic pop in Spanish.

Played: Primavera Sound, Monkey Week, Palo Alto Market, She's The Fest, Trueno Rayo Fest, Autoplacer Festival Madrid, Intra Murs...

Published Ep's 

lywl (Helsinkipro)

Ambiente Satén (Helsinkipro)

.... EP (Love our Records)

Serie Rosa EP (Love our Records)

Freqüencia Modulada 

CYCA (Love Our Records)



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