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Mueveloreina is an acid, political, aesthetic and catchy mutant project that Karma Cereza and Joaco J Fox have been promoting since 2016. 

This couple, who lives in Valencia, became known through its music videos with sticky sounds, its mixed-race Latin and electronic rhythms and its lyrical, sharp and critical contents with society. Mueveloreina, they are a duo of the most eclectic and trying to type them into a single musical genre has become a very complicated task. For this reason, the “electrapical” concept has been coined to explain the fusion between electronics, the trap and the tropical rhythms of his music. 

Its staging is intense, visual, crazy and very funny; which has led Mueveloreina to make sweaty audiences as demanding as that of the Benicàssim International Festival (FIB) or that of Bilbao BBK Live

After premiering numerous singles, EP’s and video clips. At the end of 2019, the couple premiered their first and highly anticipated album entitled "Carne". A much more introspective work, where each song that composes the 12 cuts of the disc tells a small story about the couple.



Tour dates

06-03-2020 León - SatisFest +info
07-03-2020 Valencia - Convent del Carmen (Fallas)
03-04-2020 Bilbao - Stage Room +info
04-04-2020 Barcelona - Sala Sidecar - Curtcircuit +info
09-05-2020 Valencia - Festival 10 Sentidos +info
12-06-2020 Palencia - Palencia Sonora +info
26-06-2020 Zaragoza - Slap Festival +info
27-06-2020 Balboa (León) - Observatorio Festival +info
10-07-2020 Valencia - Big Sound Festival +info
11-07-2020 Elche - Concerts al Escortxador
23-07-2020 Murcia - TBC
22-08-2020 Almería - Cooltural Fest +info

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