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Mueveloreina are the duo formed by Karma Cereza, in the voice, and Joaco J Fox, in the production and occasional voice. They have been promoting an acidic, political, beautician and catchy mutant project since 2016 and, despite creating Mueveloreina in their free time, they have gained a place in the panorama. 

This couple that resides in Valencia, has been released due to the videos of songs with sticky sounds (mestizajes of Latin and electronic rhythms), with lyrical contents, sharp and critical with the evils of the society. They are very eclectic and hence it is so complicated to label them in a style, but they have coined it as 'electrapical music' (electronic, trap, and tropical). 
His first big success, Cheapqueen, got more than 300.000 visits on YouTube and Spotify listeners of their topics are in the tens of thousands. They were the visible face of the Waynabox campaign in 2017 and have appeared on numerous television programs such as Un País Para Escuchalo by Ariel Rot or Fama A Bailar on Moviestar +.



Tour dates

01-06-2019 Alicante - Sala Stéreo - Presentación Low Festival +info
07-06-2019 Madrid - Ochoymedio +info
22-06-2019 Barcelona - Carne Cruda Festival (Fabra i Coats) +info
27-06-2019 Barcelona - Gay Pride
04-07-2019 Mallorca - Atlantida Film Fest +info
05-07-2019 Sagunto - Music Port Fest +info
12-07-2019 Biblao - BBK Live +info
21-07-2019 Benicàssim - FIB Festival +info
15-08-2019 Pals (Girona) - White Summer Festival +info
23-08-2019 Puerto de La Cruz - Phe Festival +info
20-09-2019 Zaragoza - Las Armas
12-10-2019 Suiza - Sudpol Club +info
09-11-2019 Valencia - TBC

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