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$kyhook is the producer of some of the most successful beats in the national urban landscape. Creator, together with Pedro LaDroga, of two of the most futuristic albums that have been published lately, the beatmaker has consolidated itself as one of the most original talents of the scene, which has led him to collaborate with different MC's as Dano Ziontifik, Sticky MA or Rico Snchez. 

In 2017, in addition to publishing Skydrvg 2.0 (together with Pedro LaDroga) and being part of the first launch of Withered (Sacred EP), he allied with one of the most veteran and multifaceted talents of the current scene, Dano, to launch a titled EP Braille. 

In early June 2019, the young producer was launching into space with his new LP, Moonchies, a space mission in which $kyhook is the commander and through which he leads María José Llergo, Soto Asa, Israel B, Aleesha, Morad, Pepe | Vizio, G. Lesson, Organic Name, DL Soft, Wax.dee, Stiky MA, Pedro LaDroga, Israel B, Mc Buseta, Dano, InnerCut, John Grvy, Yung Beef & Erik Uranus for a journey beyond the atmosphere to do base on the moon and contemplate the destruction of the planet. An album that managed to be ranked 71 of the 100 most listened to streaming albums in Spain. In addition, this year, he had the pleasure of starting the session of the Sónar by Night on the SonarPub by Thunder Bitch stage. 

Without a doubt, one of the producers with more future within the national undergorund. And, if you had to take a picture of the current urban music scene, $kyhook would be looking discreetly from the back.



Tour dates

03-07-2021 La Rioja - Holika Festival +info

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